UZIN PE 280 New Recommendations for use over Existing Tile or Stone

UZIN PE 280 is a low emission, film forming texture primer for use over non-absorbent surfaces including non-water soluble adhesive residues. UZIN PE 280 may also be used as a bonding primer on dense and smooth surfaces or directly onto UZIN epoxy and polyurethane (PU) based primer / moisture vapor retarders.

UZIN PE 280 may be used as a primer prior to the installation of new Tile & Stone applications on either smooth substrates or existing Tile and Stone substrates including wet areas such as showers or changing rooms. 

UZIN PE 280 when used in wet areas should not be used as a waterproof coating, only as a primer to promote adhesion.   If waterproofing is required we recommend the use of UZIN HS 100, UZIN HS 200, or WP HYDROSTOP. Please refer to each individual Product Data Sheet for installation specifications. 

When using UZIN PE 280 as a primer over existing Tile and Stone substrates prior to new installations it is important to note that a well bonded surface with no cracked or loose Tile or Stone pieces, or missing grout joints is required. All surfaces must be cleaned with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) heavy duty cleaner to remove any contaminates that could cause de-bonding issues on the surface. Once the surface has been properly cleaned and prepared, one coat of

UZIN PE 280 may be applied and allowed to dry for 45 minutes prior to the application of a UZIN Thinset Tile & Stone Mortar.

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