BiTurbo Stripper Floor removal

Stripper for the removal of all textile, elastic, and wood floor coverings


Versatile application: Effortlessly remove all types of textile and elastic floor coverings as well as parquet with just one device. The floor stripper therefore offers a comprehensive solution for the requirements of a wide range of floor types on large and medium-sized areas.
Optimum cutting results: The beating blade movement of the BiTurbo develops a high level of energy and drives the blade under the floor covering. This means that even very sticky or hard floor coverings such as parquet can be removed.
Self-drive for high operating comfort: Enjoy high operating comfort thanks to the self-drive, which provides a powerful feed and also enables reversing.  Work efficiently and stress-free by using less force.
Infinitely variable speed: Adapt the working speed to your working conditions with an infinitely variable speed from 0 to 27 m/min. Use the higher speed to achieve a high area output and reduce the speed if the machine threatens to glide over the surface, for example because the floor is too sticky and requires more intensive or selective processing.
Blade angle adjustment: Thanks to the adjustable blade angle adjustment, the BiTurbo's blade adapts to different surfaces and working conditions. This prevents you from driving over the floor at too shallow an angle and not completely removing the covering and any adhesive residue. Or even driving into the flooring at too steep an angle and running the risk of damaging the subfloor. In addition, in this case the impact energy is no longer directed towards the floor covering, but into the floor and reduces the removal rate of the machine.
Efficient torsion compensation: The stripper machine's torsion compensation prevents the wheels, and therefore the blades, from lifting during flooring removal and the blades from moving out of the flooring. This can happen, for example, if coating residue gets under the wheels. This allows you to continue working smoothly without having to stop and guide the blades under the surface again.
Easy transport: The BiTurbo stripper can be split in the centre and has removable additional weights for easy transport. Use these functions to move flexibly between different work locations.
Height-adjustable handle: The handle is height-adjustable in 3 stages to ensure an ergonomic working position.
Easily accessible controls: All controls are clearly arranged on the cockpit for intuitive and convenient handling.

Additional info

  • BiTurbo Stripper
  • 1 blade 350 x 60 x 1.0 mm
  • 1 blade 350 x 60 x 1.5 mm
  • 1 blade 350 x 120 x 1.5 mm 
  • 1 blade 350/200 x 120 x 3.0 mm offset
  • 1 U-blade top cutting edge
  • 1 U-blade bottom cutting edge
  • Additional weights
  • Tool set
  • Extension cable
  • Grease gun
  • Hearing protection
  • Protective gloves

Technical data


230 V

Working width

350 mm


3000 RPM

Noise pressure level

77 dB(A)

Noise power level

88 dB(A)

Hand/arm vibration

6.6 m/s²

Total weight

573.2 lbs

Driving power

1.5 kW

Power stemming mechanism

1.5 kW


100-150 m²/h

Ordering information

Article Shipping unit
BiTurbo Stripper 230V / 60HZ US 89253
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