Hardwood Stripper Set Stripper Blades & Accessories

Turbo II deflector kit for stripping hardwood floors. Keeps debris from wheels.


Item #63754

Heavy Duty Blade Stripper Blades & Accessories

Fits the Turbo II & Extro-Strippers. For Hardwood Flooring.

Independence Additional Weight

Additional weight 27.56 lbs each for the Independence Stripper

Independence Battery

Lithium-ion 5kW - 100 Ah battery for Independence stripper

Independence Blade Holder

For holding blades of various widths and thickness

Independence Carbide Chisel

For the removal of very firmly bonded tiles and mineral coatings

Independence Cold Steel U-Shape Blade

Made of special steel for thick, stubborn floor coverings

Independence Hammer Chisel

Suitable for the removal of normally bonded tiles

Independence Spare Blades

Spare blades for Independence stripper in different sizes and variants

Independence Transport Chassis

Transport chassis for the Independence Stripper

Independence U-Blade

For simultaneous pre-cutting and removal of the coverings

Replacement Blades for Turbo II, BiTurbo, Robo & Extro Floor Removal

Different replacement blades for Robo-, BiTurbo-, Turbo- and Extro-Stripper

Self-Dicing Blade - 8"

Fits the Duro, Bravo and Eco Strippers

Serrated Blades for Duro Stripper Blades & Accessories

For removing flooring with felt or fleece backing.

Twin wheels for Robo Stripper Stripper Blades & Accessories

Twin wheels fittable with 3 bolts to widen the track for improved traction

U-Shape Blade - Special 14" Stripper Blades & Accessories

For simultaneous stripping & cutting of floor covering.

VCT Blade - 14"

Fits Turbo and Extro Strippers.

VCT Blade - 8"

Fits the Duro, Bravo and Eco Strippers

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